Today's Features (04,08.09)

Adorable Muslimah

Their lush crown scarves have been receiving massive orders that they decided to restock in numerous colours! Get one before they're all gone, going at RM20 each.

Mystery Velvet

Turquoise sandals! With a zipper at the back! Talk about comfortably stylish. Going for RM60 in almost all sizes.

Colourful clinchers to spice up your outfit, going for RM26 including postage.


I just love these Burberry inspired shawls. Especially in different colors, too. Going for RM12 each.

Aura Tudung

If you're into abstract designs, here are some vibrant collections and many more on their site! Going for RM25, selling out fast!

J's Fashion Diary

These cute sling bags are so in now. Going for a discounted price of RM38.


These one piece striped half cardis are selling FAST! Only three more colors available. Going for RM35.


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