Hijab Styles

Wearing a hijab and the way you wrap hijab is a form of art. There are many, probably almost a hundred ways you can style your hijab or your tudung. The way you wear your hijab usually reflects your culture, or where you come from.

For instance, Indonesians geneally wear it this way:

This one's from Palestine:

Even Russia has its own flair:

The ladies in Egypt prefer this style:

So if you're feeling bored with the way you always wear your hijab, and you're feeling bold, here's a few styles for you to try out.

Click on the images for a bigger view.
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If you have any links to blogs or sites that have a how-to-wear-hijab step by step, please do leave a comment and share the link(s) for everyone's benefit. :)


HB said...

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ana said...

assalam alaykum...
the varieties of wearing hijab are really good-looking but it doesn't fit for a muslim girl as it didnt cover the bosom part...

It would be really nice and better if the shawl can be hijabified as ordain in islam..

wallahu alam..

Maria said...

Nice post

Maria said...

Good to hear Muslims like Fashion Suit very interesting.

Afif (アフィフ) said...

Salam, SY ade kopy sedikit bahan dari laman ini, harap dimaafkn kerna tidak beritahu dahulu sblm kopy.

Hani Robert said...

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