How To Be Featured/Reviewed

If you have recently updated your blog shop with clothes or items suitable for Muslim wear, send us an email at along with the link to your newest updates, and Insyallah we shall feature your items.

If your blog specializes in Muslim clothing, let us know so we can link you in the directory!

If you want us to do a full review and promotion of your site, also send us an email, and we can do so for a small fee of RM5.

It doesn't matter if your blog shop sells specifically Muslim fashion or not, it can be a short dress but paired with a long sleeve top or something. When you update, just email us!

Just one condition though, please link us on your site by copying one of the banner codes below:

Modestly Trendy


Modestly Trendy


Miss Dee said...

may i know why i've been banned from ur cbox since this is da first time i do visiting this blo?Thnx..

sha said...

hi having the same proble as MISS DEE..i've been banned and this is the first time i visit ur blog ? btw thanks for visiting and i've linked ur banner..thanks

The Fashionably Modest Muslim said...

Oh dear, i really don't know. I haven't touched the cbox yet! I'll try to get this problem fixed, thanks for the heads up!

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam sister ^_^
we are newbie that sells muslimah blouses.Do u mind linking us in your directory?
Also,we have updated our page with updated collection,do u mind featuring our updates
Jzk sister ^_^

Our page is

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi,do u mind linking us at AdorableMuslimah? We hv already linked ur banner.We also have new updates on muslimah blouses collection ^_^ Tq

.....SukanyeShopping..... said...


Its good to have your blog as it is specifically for muslim fashion review. We are selling muslims apparel but for a start our SukanyeShawl are on the line. Next will be SukanyeShirt (clothes), SukanyeShoes & SukanyeStationeries. and hopefully we could expand our business to a lot more stuffs.
we already linked to Modestlytrendy and our second batch of SukanyeShawl are coming! so we would love to get a review from you! will update to you asap!

tujuhsaudara said...


do you mind to link me back ? i already link you in my blog ^_^

my blog is :

Erina Juliana said...

we new blogshop... i like ur site... i've link u so that u can review mine...

our blog shop:

Tiaya said...

I wish to be featured in your review post, or at least to be part of the muslim fashion directory. I have added to link to my website. Could you link me back and reply to me regarding shop review please? would be grateful for that :)


yaya mohammad said...

hi sis, i am also selling muslimah trendy fashion for muslim chic, can you link my site and give review, i already link your banner

Beauty n The Beads said...


let's get linked! ;-)

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ it's not only about beads, beading and beadwork... Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

cantikitukamu said...

salam dear.. we've linked ya.. mind linking us back?
new scraf collection~

mellycollections said...

We're a new boutique tudung online.. Need u'r support by linking us back in this fab directory..Already linked u in our site..

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