Today's Features (27.05.09)

Dress Me Up Now!

"Designer" shawls! Guess?, Burberry, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Versace, its all here! 100% polyester. Going for RM35 including shipping.

Oh! Bundle Stall

Grab these cute dresses for only RM25 - RM29! I especially LOVE the polka dot dress, its adorable and you don't need to layer as the sleeves are already long!

Shining & Sparkling

Every girl with shawls needs brooches, and this site provides many varieties of them! From plain to fancy, I'm sure you can find something you like here. Going from RM10 onwards.

Just Bag It

Head on over to this blog if you're looking for funky print bags with quality assured! Going for RM30, with free shipping!

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