Full Review: Stylista Darling

Stylista Darling gave themselves an introduction even I can't write better:

"I am here to serve n ease your NEEDS..'all in one hub'..We serve among the lowest price in the market! You see, 'keep is a new chic' now..haha..soO whenever you feel boring, lazy, depressed, i-need-to-do-some-shopping-now feeling, well STYLISTA DARLING is always here for you. Your fashion, your rules! So DON'T afraid to be BOLD n CLASSY in your very own special way. Remember,there is always a 'STYLISTA' in each n everyone of u..it is time for you to bring 'her' out! Awaken the stylista in u with STYLISTA DARLING."

"So what else do they sell?"
Hmmm let's see. The catagories on their site list:

  • Tops
  • Hijabs
  • Accessories
  • Belts
  • Dresses
  • Handbags
  • Inner Wear
  • Vest
Just as a preview, these are some of the many things they have up for grabs:





Taiwan ready stock:

Maxi dresses:


And there's so much more!! I suggest you check out the site for yourself. ;)

Should you have any inquiries (or orders, I'm sure they would prefer orders kan? lol) please email stylistadarling@gmail.com or, if you're the type that wants a fast answer, call/text 012 - 698 1900.

"Waaah. Lagi?"
Well, as a mode of payment you can transfer into either Maybank OR CIMB, so thats pretty convenient already. Also, their COD ares cover a wide are which are Kota Damansara, The Curve, One Utama, Subang and almost all of PJ. No charge!

"Sounds great! So where do I click?"
Here. =)

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