Today's Features (23.07.09)

Bored of 2 toned scarfs already? Well here's introducing the THREE toned scarf! All in wonderful swirls of colours, only going for RM15 each.


More dual toned shawls from them, in sweet girly colours! Going for RM18.

More vintage long dresses! Going for RM25 only, what a bargain!

Another lovely update from the awesome Rubina. :) Recommended for petites, this is a piece that will leave you stud-strucked! Going for RM69.

They've updated their third batch of blouses and there are TOO MANY gorgeous and cool blouses to feature! You just have to check them out for yourself. Going for RM36 onwards.


This one-of-a-kind piece is unique, because the hearts were not printed on, but painted on! Dangerously cute. Going for RM27.

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