Today's Features (30.07.09)

Syazara Collection

Are you different? Are you bold? This Jubah is definitely for you. Going for only RM70 with free shipping.


Colourful chiffon and georgette shawls, going for RM23 and RM22 respectively. Includes shipping!

The Shopaholic's Closet

Indulge yourself with quality scarves from the Tie Rack! Comes with the Tie Rack paper bag as well. Going for RM58.


It's called the "Tudung CT" because this particular style of hijab is a favourite of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza! Steal her style for RM35. Comes in 3 colours!

Al-Fareeda Bazaar

Burqinis in tasteful designs and price! Going for RM100 a suit, I personally think it's totally worth your money. Give yourself a reason to go swimming! :)

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