A Thousand Apologies...

Salam sisters,

Mashallah... I have forgotten how long I have left this site to rot. :( I apologize deeply, maaf sangat-sangat sebab dah tak update this site... I honestly have no time for myself, apa lagi website ni, sebab I am soon to be a full time lawyer and life has been so hectic that I needed to prioritize things.

Insyallah, kalau ada kesempatan dan kesenangan, I will slowly revive this website, because it is still very close to my heart and its something that I enjoy doing. But for the near and immediate future, other things have to take front seat.

In the meantime, I do hope that this site will continue to gather many muslimah blogshops and discussions about muslim clothing and aurat.

Salam and much love,

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iylia ismail said...

singgah jap. jenguk2 la http://laiyernjourney.blogspot.com/ follow me back k.

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