A Thousand Apologies...

Salam sisters,

Mashallah... I have forgotten how long I have left this site to rot. :( I apologize deeply, maaf sangat-sangat sebab dah tak update this site... I honestly have no time for myself, apa lagi website ni, sebab I am soon to be a full time lawyer and life has been so hectic that I needed to prioritize things.

Insyallah, kalau ada kesempatan dan kesenangan, I will slowly revive this website, because it is still very close to my heart and its something that I enjoy doing. But for the near and immediate future, other things have to take front seat.

In the meantime, I do hope that this site will continue to gather many muslimah blogshops and discussions about muslim clothing and aurat.

Salam and much love,

Full Review: Sugarscarf by Riqa

Sugarscarf by Riqa is like the one stop online shop for all kinds of colorful hijabs! As the site name suggests, the scarves are so sweet that they're practically sugar! lol. Most of the scarves are handpicked, therefore available in limited quantities only, hence the exclusivity.

"So what do they sell?"

All kinds of shawls actually! Chiffon scarves, silk scarves, viscose shawls, polyester scarves... even the Tudung Ekin which I love that they've named it the "Instant Hijab". No boring colors or designs here! They offer some really classy designs.

Chiffon hijabs:

Viscose hijabs:

Instant hijabs @ Tudung Ekin:

Silk scarves:

"Awesome! But I'm broke at the moment, so how?"
The bane of online shopping is the shipping costs, but fret not, because they offer great shipping prices!

Save on Shipping Cost, How?

1 shawl - rm3(pos ekpress), pos laju (rm6)

2 - 4 shawl - rm3(pos ekpress), pos laju(rm5), oh yes =)

4 or more shawls - free postage! we wuu, best giler kan

buy more than 10 shawls, free one dual tone pashmina shawl (rm15),also applicable for returned customer =)

And honey, don't we just love free stuff? ;)

"Waaah. Lagi?"

The e-shop is still pretty new, and already many of the lovely hijabs have been sold or reserved!

You can also make payment to them via Maybank2u, CIMBclicks or through ATM Machine. If you're a serious buyer and prefer fast transactions, you can sms her at 019 6670844.

For futher information (and hopefully orders!) do email the alluring Riqa at

Psssst. She's also the co-owner of Angelfac3. ;)

"Sounds great! So where do I click?"
Here. =)

Today's Features (04,08.09)

Adorable Muslimah

Their lush crown scarves have been receiving massive orders that they decided to restock in numerous colours! Get one before they're all gone, going at RM20 each.

Mystery Velvet

Turquoise sandals! With a zipper at the back! Talk about comfortably stylish. Going for RM60 in almost all sizes.

Colourful clinchers to spice up your outfit, going for RM26 including postage.


I just love these Burberry inspired shawls. Especially in different colors, too. Going for RM12 each.

Aura Tudung

If you're into abstract designs, here are some vibrant collections and many more on their site! Going for RM25, selling out fast!

J's Fashion Diary

These cute sling bags are so in now. Going for a discounted price of RM38.


These one piece striped half cardis are selling FAST! Only three more colors available. Going for RM35.

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