Today's Features (22.05.09)

A lovely collection of simple and modest blouses that are both long yet flattering. Much more attractive than the normal designs we're used to for this kind of garment. Going for RM39.

Witty Beauty Scarf

This is actually only a preview of their silk and polyester shawls but the designs and colours are SO pretty that I had to give you guys a heads up anyway. Check back to their site soon! Price not yet available.

Rose Closet

Inner wear for your layering pleasure! Available in Black, White and Brown. Going for RM20.

Jelita Ayu Collection

I don't know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Juicy Couture! So feminine, yet so hip and sophisticated. Other designs and colours available. Going for RM145.

Ten Lady Toes

I know right, sooo cute!! And so versatile. Give your poor feet a rest from those 4 inch heels. Many other designs available, and most of them are on sale! Going for RM20.

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rosealley said...

waaaa, thanx a lot!!!hope you can review us again:) - Rose Closet

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