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Tops&Bottoms is not your average blogshop. Visit the site, and the first thing that catches your eye is the pleasant, easy-to-use website complete with a shopping cart for your ease and convenience. They aim to bring you modern, up-to-date clothing suitable for the fashionable Muslim lady. You can find gorgeous tops and bottoms there at very affordable prices.

"So what do they sell?"

The site name would suggest that they just sell tops & bottoms, but they sell accessories such as belts too! Due to it's popularity, most of their collection has already been sold out... but here are some of the gems that could still be yours!

Check out the cute belts:

"Awesome! But I'm broke at the moment, so how?"
No matter how broke you are, you're going to love this: EVERYTHING is RM30 and below!!! Considering they're brand new (not pre-loved), I personally believe this is unbelievable. But true. :)

"Waaah. Lagi?"

Well, the shopping cart feature makes things so easy. Just click click click on the things you want, they all go into your virtual shopping cart. When you're done, click on check out and just wait for a confirmation email with the payment details! So easy!

For futher information (and hopefully orders!) do email the sweet Aliya at

"Sounds great! So where do I click?"
Here. =)

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