Today's Features (18.07.09)

Oh Vintage

Go ahead, get a piece of vintage. :) Long sleeved, no need for layers. Value for money, too! Going for RM26 - RM29. Check them out for MANY more lovely one-of-a-kind vintage pieces like these!


Long blouses for those casual days to class or the mall, or both! Going for RM35. Many other colours available!


Sweet colours, stripes and swirls! A lovely find to add to your hijab collection. Going for RM18 - RM22.

Scarf Chic

As you can tell, im feeling the love for stripey shawls today. These are going for RM25 including postage!

Stuff From Saigon

If you're in the mood for patterns hijabs with "awning", these are going at RM35.

Heels Boutique

Criss-cross buckle-up gladiator heel. Denim material. Back zip! Casual and fun. Going for RM69.

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